Wrestling ACADEMY Format and Schedule:

Value for your dollar

A membership in the Fried Wrestling Academy allows wrestlers to take advantage of up to 40 hours instruction each month: 32 hours of Academy Member practices, PLUS 8 hours of Open Mat time w/ Coach Fried available as a resource. On an yearly basis, each Academy Member has the opportunity to spend roughly 500 hours in the wrestling room with elite-level coaching and experience at a price per hour of between 1 and 2 dollars. When there is a conflict in scheduling between practice and competitions, an Assistant Coach will run practice or practice will be cancelled.  Any changes will be made to the online calendar as far ahead of time as possible.

Training PHASES

Our year-round training program is divided up into 4 training PHASES.  Each PHASE is 2-4 Months long and structured to coincide with the school year and major competitions like the State and National Championships. The PHASES:
  1. Summer Break Training - May (end of school year) -August (beginning of school year)
  2. Fall Pre-Season - August (beginning of school year) -November (beginning of H.S. season)
  3. Folkstyle In-Season - November (beginning of H.S. season -March (thru OAC State Tournament)
  4. Spring Freestyle Season - March (after OAC State Tournament) -May (end of school year)
Each upcoming PHASE of training will be updated with specifics on Academy Member practice, Beginner practice and Open Mat times in the final month of the current PHASE. Academy Member practices are held 4 times per week, PLUS all Academy Members are welcome to unlimited Open Mat time.

Academy Membership Tuition

FWA Membership is a monthly Tuition program.  Discounted Tuition for multiple siblings are offered in the enrollment process. Early enrollment and discounts are offered to Academy Members on Camps and Clinics. You may register at any time.  Monthly tuition is taken in recurring payments on the day of the month in which you registered.  You may cancel or suspend your Membership at any time.  Upon suspension or cancellation, the wrestler will forfeit their reserved spot in the Academy.

Academy Member Practices

Membership allows the wrestler to attend all Academy Member practices and Open mat sessions.

Age Groups

For regular Academy Member practices, the "soft" rule is that Mon. & Wed. is geared towards Youth wrestlers, while Tue. & Thu. is geared toward JH/HS wrestlers. Space permitting, consistent with the "soft" rule, wrestlers are welcome to cross-over.  Wrestlers must coordinate a workout partner or group on their own if they will be attending a practice that their regular partners don't usually attend.

Beginners Program

Our beginners program is a FREE program. The object of the FWA Beginners Program is to "graduate" and shift over into the regular Academy Member practices.  There is certainly no rush, but there is no fixed time commitment to the beginning wrestler program.  Each beginner is on their own schedule. When Coach Fried has seen that a beginning wrestler is showing a command of the basic drills and fundamentals, that wrestler will be encouraged to register as an Academy Member and begin attending regular Academy Member practices.


The maximum number of members for the FWA wrestling room is between 45-60 wrestlers at any one time.  In order to provide an opportunity for previous FWA members to continue their Membership, registrations are being capped at 40 new Members until June 27, 2016. Please understand there is limited space for all practices, camps and clinics, and NO REFUNDS will be issued once space is reserved. **Private and/or small group lesson times will still be available for wrestlers who are not able to join the Academy as a regular practice member.

Changes to Practice Schedule/Calendar

Any changes and/or cancellations to our schedule will be reflected in the calendar as far ahead of time as possible.



Academy Member Practice:

  • Mon. & Wed. -  9 - 11 AM, Academy Member Practice
  • Tue. & Thu.   -   6 - 8 PM, Academy Member Practice

Beginner Practice:

  • Friday  - 6 - 7 PM

Open Mats:

  • Sunday   - 9 - 11 AM
Goals for Summer Training: "Set-ups" The most common requests from wrestlers is to learn "set-ups".  Summer break training is the perfect time to begin focusing on this element because we can take our time learning when there are no major competitions in the near term.  We will be devoting 40 - 60 min. per practice to learning how to sharpen up our set-ups and timing to develop an 'effortless' and effective offensive attack and from the defensive side, we will be training to develop the proper reactions to these set-ups and the simplest way to block control attempts and leg attacks. Areas of focus for the Summer Break Training Phase will be: slide-by's, elbow control, snapdowns, wrist control, underhook control, Russian 2 on 1, overhook control, Over-under control, Reactions to snaps, Reactions to over/under control, reactions to arm/wrist control


  • Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu.:  6:00-8:00 PM - Academy Member Practice
  • Sun.  - 7:00-8:00 PM - FREE Beginner Practice
  • Sun. - 6:00-7:00 PM - Open Mats
Goals for Fall Pre-Season Training: Specific Set-ups: After a Summer of Control tie ups, quick reaction training and general set-up techniques, we will focus weekly on specific set-ups to specific attacks.  Each week will introduce 1 -2 new specific set ups. Finishing Leg Attacks from the Feet: Positional drilling to learn balance and maintain or regain the 'leg-up' position and transitions from finish to finish.Escaping: Positional drilling for building and maintaining a strong base while in the bottom position.  Drills for transitioning to your feet safely with specific focus on hand control and peeling away to an attack of your own.


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Register at any time.  Your membership will begin on whatever day of the month you join. Prices:  $59.99 / mo.