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Private and/or small group coaching and training has the greatest and most immediate impact on a wrestler’s improvement.  A focused student and a knowledgeable instructor spending time focusing on the athlete’s individual strengths, weaknesses and overall style, is the time tested formula for guaranteed improvement and a valuable asset for the athlete who wishes to excel.


  • Individual is $75
  • Group of 2 is $80
  • Groups of 4 or more is $30/person


  1. Lessons are 1 hour+
  2. Must be purchased in packages of 4
  3. Must be paid in full at or before the first session.

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Enjoy three of my favorite success stories of wrestlers who trained full-time and/or supplemented their training with private and small group sessions:

Michael Sadler:

Michael Sadler was my neighbor when I moved into Beachwood, Ohio in 2005.  Michael came to me at the end of his Sophomore year as a disappointed wrestler with a losing record who hadn’t qualified for the District tournament.  Michael asked me if he could come by once a week to work privately with him in my Grandma’s former ballet studio where I had rollled out a small mat with room to only work on technique.

Michael came by once a week, just as he had promised, for the next two years and followed my advice to compete in the off-season where I coached him when I could.

His improvement was slow and steady for the next two years and

In Michael’s senior year, he placed 8th at the STATE Championships.  Michael was then recruited to wrestle at HARVARD.  Michael graduated from Harvard in 2012. As a wrestler who committed fully to school and athletics, Michael earned for himself a placing in the Ohio State Championships and a full four year career of Division I NCAA competition.

Adam Kriwinsky & Dennis Roche:

Adam qualified for State as a Freshman in 2003 for University School.  After the season, we began working together in a small group of usually 2 or 3 wrestlers.  Adam and his partners worked very hard and competed in a lot of off-season tournaments.  I believe Adam wrestled 50-60 matches that Spring and Summer and his main daily partner, Sean Roche, trained hard and competed as well.

In the following season, 2003-2004, Adam Kriwinsky became a STATE CHAMPION and the following two years, Adam made the State finals and placed 2nd.  Adam went on to wrestle at American University.

Dennis Roche, Adam’s training partner also became a STATE CHAMPION in 2006.  He was very small when he started high school and hadn’t grown into the lightest weight class until his Junior or Senior year.  Dennis then enrolled in the Marines and is presently training to become a Green Beret.

“Coach Fried had a huge impact not only on my wrestling career, but also my life. Coach Fried taught me how to set my sights on a goal and how to achieve that goal. I learned the importance of perfect technique, and the importance of working hard on a daily basis. Going into high school my goal was to place in the state tournament at least once. After working with Coach Fried,  I surpassed my goals, becoming a 3x state finalist. I wouldn’t have been able to surpass my goals if it wasn’t for the tutelage of Coach Fried.”

-Adam Kriwinsky
University School Class of ’06

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*Note: Schedule your private or small group lessons with FWA before filling out the form below. Click here to contact us.